FLORPINUS is a traditional supplier of gum rosins, turpentine and gum rosin derivatives that seeks to develop, produce and deliver high quality products and in accordance with best sustainability practices.


To become a reference in the continuous pursuit of excellence. To achieve market recognition for its quality, transparency and services to stakeholders.


Since its foundation, the name and brand FLORPINUS has been built, and is now a reference in gum rosins in the Brazilian market, with its main values being: Commitment to the customer, Service in delivery and product quality, Transparency and seriousness, Innovation, Commitment to all parties involved, and Ethics.

Our Differentials

FLORPINUS has developed continuous improvements in its processes, not only those related to production but management as well. Adaptation to the most diverse regulations, standards and certification processes are examples of the commitment that FLORPINUS disseminates throughout its structure. Thus, FLORPINUS presents differentials that are duly recognized by its partners.

Sustainability Program - TfS (Together For Sustainability)

As per the needs of customers and all stakeholders with our company, FLORPINUS follows the TfS – Together for Sustainability program, and is audited under the program.

Kosher​ Products

FLORPINUS has production of KOSHER resins available to customers.



Present in our culture for several years, FLORPINUS promotes and uses Good Manufacturing Practices in its production process

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

As a result of demand and higher customer quality requirements, FLORPINUS Indústria Química has implemented HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) procedures in its process.

Regulatory Affairs

The FLORPINUS team includes professionals trained to meet requests related to Regulatory Affairs and to enforce the national standards regulated by the ABNT and in accordance with international standards of the GHS.

Code of Conduct

Business transparency, respect for customers, suppliers and employees are the basis of the FLORPINUS Code of Conduct.

Management Policy

FLORPINUS lndústria Química, inserted in the turpentine, gum rosins and gum resin derivatives production market, and aware of its commitment to its stakeholders, considers Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Social Responsibility as priority factors for the development of its activity. As such, the company has a Management System that guarantees the best development of its products and processes, and the Senior Management has defined the following principles:

– To meet the customer, their expectations and needs, delivering the products according to the proposed characteristics;
– To identify and monitor the business risks (internal and external), related to the various stakeholders;
– To train, inform and raise awareness among employees by enhancing their knowledge and promoting internal interaction;
– To work internally on the values of Health and Safety at Work, aimed at the prevention of accidents;
– To follow its Code of Conduct, praising the best principles of Social Responsibility;
– To make employees aware of the environmental aspects and impacts generated;
– Environmental protection and preservation, controlling and optimizing production processes;
– To comply with the legislation and other legal requirements applicable to their processes and products;
– To continuously improve the management system implemented, in order to present an increase in environmental performance and quality.

ISO Certificate

ISO – International Organization for Standardization certifications aim at the constant development of internal processes, so that all activities of a company are carried out with quality and organization. FLORPINUS is certified by ISO norms and conforms to a quality standard that is accepted and valued in 164 countries.