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FLORPINUS Indústria Química was born in 1988, in the City of Campo Largo, as a result of the investment of a group of Portuguese entrepreneurs. In order to produce gum rosin and gum rosin derivatives for the domestic and export markets, it began to consolidate in the Brazilian and global markets as a reference supplier.  

The company continued to grow, making several investments in the course of its history. In 2010, has expanded production capacity with the construction and expansion of facilities, offering a wider range of products to the market. 

In 2013, has expanded the gum rosin distillation capacity with the installation of another column and, in 2015, a substantial part of the equipment was renovated by installing a biomass boiler and further modernizing the equipment. 

In 2017, a new reactor was installed and allowed the company to now hold a production capacity of 18,000 tons of gum rosin derivatives and 30,000 tons of gum rosin. 

Since 2020, the company began to operate in the form of a headquarters and branch, with the Campo Largo plant being the headquarters and the Itapeva plant being the subsidiary company. 

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Itapeva branch

In the beginning, the company was intended for the purchase and extraction of forest products, oils, resins and other products from the extraction, distillation and manufacture of wood, and the industrialization and commercialization in the Domestic and Foreign Market. Thus, the beginning of the resin production took place in a forest, with 320,000 trees, in the city of Agudos in São Paulo. After that, extraction began in several forest areas, for example, in various areas belonging to the Forest Institute of the State of São Paulo and also in other areas of the region. 

Currently the Itapeva Unit has its operations focused on cleaning and filtering the gum resin received in the factory. More than 35,000 tons of resin are processed annually in Itapeva. 


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Resisul Agroflorestal became widely known in the market especially for the forest assets that the company controls and which are a reference in Brazil and in the world of resin extraction. 

Nowadays, the areas comprise 1,989.20 hectares of forests. Considering this sum, 1,527.17 hectares are of own areas and 462.03 hectares are leased areas. In these areas it is possible to resin up to 6,000 tons of resin per year, thus ensuring much of the supply of related companies. 

In addition to having forest assets, the company also invests in the development and production of Pine seedlings, especially for the production of resin.  In the nursery of plants are produced more than 1 million pine seedlings. All this thinking ecologically and respecting our environment. 

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