Maleic Resin – Compatibility & applications


Maleic Resin
The maleic rosin is a gum rosin derivative that has a variable price, however, the value for money of the material always gets the attention of those that are looking for a supplier of maleic resin.
In our company, in addition to finding an excellent maleic resin quality, you also can count on a team of professionals fully prepared to provide technical and personalized service to all our customers.
Learn now the properties and best application of maleic resin.
The maleic resin is a yellow solid, with a good nitrocellulose compatibility, promoting an excellent gloss. The maleic Resin also provides a good hardness and chemical resistance.
Nitrocellulose ½ sec almost complete


  • n-butanol acetate -> complete
  • n-butanol -> insoluble
  • methyl thyl ketone (MEK) -> complete
  • toluene -> complete
  • xylene -> complete
  • white spirit -> insoluble

    Color – 10 max, Softening point between 125 and 135°C, and acid number max. 40 mg KOH/g.
    You can find the maleic resins in the following applications: varnishes, nitrocellulose primers, cellulose enamels, solvent-based paints for industrial purposes, thermoplastic paints for road markings and varnishes for the protection of woods.

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